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  • FI Power BOOSTER v3s (ECM)
    Boost your TCI Ignition System for MAXimum Performance.
    Boost your Fuel Pump for Higher and More Stable fuel pressure at High RPM.
    8 Steps level Output from 14,x volt to 21,x Volt.

    15 Ampere Max Countinuous Current.
    Volt Meter for monitoring Output Voltage.
    Up to 8 TCI Ignition Coil.
    Additional Wire Cost will be charged for installation at car.

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  • O2 Sensor Manipulator v5 (ECM)
    Suitable for All Engine using Narrowband O2 Sensor.
    Manipulating O2 Sensor Signal to ECM for BETTER PERFORMANCE.
    8 Steps level for Middle to High RPM.
    15 Steps level for Low to Middle RPM.
    Anti-LEAN v.2 feature for Stable Fuel Injection at ALL RPM.
    Easy to USE.
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