LIVE TUNING CDI ( Outside Indonesia )

Cheetah Power Programmable CDI that can be TUNED via trimpot while ENGINE ON
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  • CPMS TRIM83521 (Trimable CDI)
    LIVE TUNING with TRIMable Function while ENGINE is ON...
    TRIMable Engine Pulser ANGLE .
    TRIMable Output Energy ( MULTI Spark & SINGLE Spark).
    TRIMable 4 Range Ignition TIMING based on Engine RPM ( 83.521 Combination Maps )
    CDI's output is 600mC in MULTI Spark mode with 12v 5Ah battery stable from 600 RPM to 25000 RPM.
    489 STEPs ignition Timing from 600 RPM to 25000 RPM.
    Agressive and EXtended Timing Mode.
    Adaptive Power Mode..
    Advanced DIGITAL Power Management for Under-Voltage and Over-Voltage Protection.
    USB dongle to computer.
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